Welcome to Confections Alber

Since 1958 and with more than 60 years of experience, Confecciones Alber is a family business, currently in the hands of the fourth generation, and year after year has struggled to improve through continuous work and good work.

The main pillars on which the company is based are the desire to progress, hard work, honesty and respect.

All the activity of the company is located in our facilities located in the municipality of Albatera (Alicante), with an area of more than 2000m2 . From the development of ideas, the elaboration of designs, to the meticulous quality control by which all our products are subjected. At Confecciones Alber, every minute detail that covers the entire manufacturing process is taken care of, with the aim of always proposing the highest level of demand in the work carried out.

The company develops its own exclusive designs . The design department, always at the forefront and with a constant study of the latest trends, works with the aim of guaranteeing confidence in our work to professionals in the sector (our clients). For many years we have developed a section of school clothes, with a wide assortment of models and customizations are also carried out for a wide variety of schools throughout Spain.

Production is carried out entirely in Spain , which gives us the advantage of having full control over each of the parts of the manufacturing process quickly, easily and efficiently.

For Confecciones Alber, one of the main objectives is to guarantee the quality of both the processes and the products, which is why the company has the ISO 9001:2015 Certification , with which we set ourselves the obligation to carefully control each part of the different processes carried out, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Confecciones Alber is one of the few Spanish clothing factories that are governed by this strict quality standard.

We have the online store service , which is aimed exclusively at professionals in the sector. A design has been made that is modern and intuitive at the same time, in order to guarantee the customer the best experience, and thus, the possibility of accessing our products in a way adapted to the latest trends. The online store has the current season section, a section in which we offer great special offers , and another that has the aforementioned school clothes . The purchase process has been designed and planned to be simple. In addition, we offer a personalized attention service to help the client with any type of doubt.

On the other hand, our commercial network covers all the regions of Spain , as well as other countries such as Portugal, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Panama .

In this way, all our years of experience place us as one of the most experienced companies in the sector, but always with a vision of the future and the intention of continuing to advance and evolve in the face of the changes that today mark.

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate


CONFECCIONES ALBER, SL is in possession of the ISO 9001:2015 certification - Quality management systems, according to an audit carried out by the prestigious certification firm INTERTEK. A few years ago we set ourselves the goal of modifying the work philosophy of our company to adapt it to the most modern management standards of today. For this we decided to make all our departments work under the ISO 9001 quality management system. Obtaining this certificate is the official recognition of the hard work carried out in recent times by each and every one of the members of our company. , with the firm purpose of consolidating our strategy of continuous progress and reaffirming our responsibility to effectively meet the needs of our customers. Faithful to the commitment from our beginnings in 1958 with clients, suppliers, workers and all the people related in some way to our company, this change is nothing more than a confirmation of our motivation to improve in the present and a firm promise to continue doing so in the future. the future.

Quality politics

The objective of the quality management system implemented in Confecciones Alber, SL is to guarantee that the organization understands the express or implicit needs of its clients, carrying out the work of its activity (design, manufacture of textile garments) with a of quality that meets their requirements and gives them satisfaction. To achieve this purpose we concentrate our efforts and dedication on:
  • To make it easier for our clients to provide the service that is the object of our activity, fulfilling their needs and, if possible, exceeding their expectations.
  • Provide our staff with the motivation, training, information, equipment and infrastructure that allow them to carry out their tasks with an optimum level of efficiency.
  • Ensure a base of suppliers with whom to work closely.
  • Continuously improve our processes and services through the application of driving principles based on the concepts of quality and participatory management, also determining the means to prevent non-conformities and eliminate their causes.
This quality policy and the commitment of our management are based on more specific measurable objectives, whose follow-up is carried out in the reviews that the management carries out on the system and its compliance is controlled through data analysis, taking into account all the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the performance of the activity.