Girl and Boy Swimwear

Wholesale girl and boy swimwear

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From Confecciones Alber SL we seek the continuous improvement of each of our processes. Since our beginnings in 1958, we have always been investigating the different ways to achieve success through innovative ideas that lead us to meet our goals as a manufacturer of children's clothing.

One of Alber's new projects is the wholesale manufacture and distribution of boy's and girl's swimwear. Project that was born in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and that fits and complements perfectly with the work that we have already been doing with our summer collections. Therefore, we now have wholesale swimwear for boys and girls.

As suppliers and wholesalers of children's fashion, it is an exciting challenge for us to open our way in this new segment. Our swimsuits for boys and girls maintain the essence of Alber in terms of design and manufacturing, always looking for the latest market trends.

The new wholesale swimwear collections have been fully integrated into our summer collections, so that everything makes sense and complements each other. It has been based, therefore, on projects that unify both collections in such a way that added value is generated, which as wholesale manufacturers, makes it a project for us in which we put all our dedication and enthusiasm.

At Alber we put all the experience guaranteed by more than 60 years of life in the wholesale children's clothing manufacturing and distribution sector, so that the wholesale sale of boy's and girl's swimwear becomes one of the our pillars. We hope that, as clients, you enjoy the results as much as we have enjoyed the process that this challenge has entailed.

Girl and Boy Swimwear

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