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Babis, bags and other clothes for schools.

 School smocks are the most demanded garments for schools from the beginning of the infant stage. And it is that both in public and private or concerted schools, parents or guardians will be sued to take their little ones with bibs of one color or another to avoid paint stains and other materials on the uniform or daily clothes.

 In Alber you can find a wide variety of wholesale school pants. Since 1958 we have been one of the largest manufacturers of school smocks nationwide. In our online wholesale store you will find the best quality-price in school bibs in the sector. We are manufacturers and suppliers of school bibs. We have a very extensive catalogue, with a wide variety of colors of wholesale school smocks. You will find bibs in classic colors, such as green, blue or red, but also in yellow, pink, orange or bright green. In addition, we have a wide range of colors. We are suppliers of school smocks with or without a central pocket, with a shirt collar and a crew neck, front or back button closure and even with the most fun decorative motifs.

 As suppliers of school smocks with more than 60 years of experience, we know the needs that this type of product poses, as well as the customization of special smocks with a minimum order. You can ask us for a quote for any school bag that is not in our product catalog or that needs a special embroidery or logo.

 In addition, as manufacturers of wholesale school smocks, we use only the best textiles to make our garments, which is why our smocks are considered top quality in this sector.


School clothes

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