Workwear for Hospitality, Sanitary Clothing and Home

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Innovation is undoubtedly one of the fundamental pillars of Alber. Year after year, since 1958, the company has been adapting to new trends and preparing to always be at the forefront of the wholesale children's clothing manufacturing sector.

In these more than 60 years of experience in the sector, there have been many innovative projects that Alber has launched in the wholesale of clothing. This is undoubtedly one of those cases in which the company has reinvented itself through the sale of work-home clothing. For this reason, we have now also become an online personalized workwear wholesale company, so that our customers can get everything they may need from our company.

Maintaining all the sections of the manufacture and wholesale of children's clothing, this new project was born to satisfy the needs of our clients who work in this fashion segment. For this, from Confecciones Alber SL, we have expanded borders to be able to tackle the wholesale sale of work and home clothes.

This new challenge is based on three pillars in which we have divided this new collection, they are based on hospitality, health and home. As an online personalized workwear wholesaler, we have made a wide variety of garments such as aprons, chasubles, gowns, jackets, bags, hats and pants. All this accompanied by a very wide color both in different plain colors, as well as in a good number of very striking and spectacular prints.

We face this new innovation in the company of being manufacturers and wholesale distributors of hospitality, sanitary and home clothing with great enthusiasm and with a personal motivation as a company to make this a line that has come to Alber to stay.

Workwear for Hospitality, Sanitary Clothing and Home

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